Body of Memory | Thursday 19 September 2019

Thursday, 19 September, 2019 - 18:30

Body of Memory
Tickets: Free but booking required
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Body of Memory is an improvised dance performance which unfolds in dialogue with the live decision-making of Tools that Propel, an interactive video installation and choreographic development system co-developed by Sarah Levinsky and Adam Russell.

Body of Memory is a moment in time in a research project: an invite to look at and through our looking glass. It is also a folding of past and present and a curious, playful exploration of memory: in our bodies, in our extended (human-computational) bodies, and in the (re)performance of dance. Body of Memory is built from a series of questions. Some of them might be: what is memory, whose memory, our memory, its memory, the memory of and in this architectural, technological, computational, fleshy, moving, material, immaterial, choreographic meeting?

This piece has been created as part of Sarah Levinsky’s PhD practice-based research in collaboration with Tools that Propel, dancers Yi Xuan Kwek, Maria Evans, Zach McCullough and Euan Hastings, lighting improviser Jess Smith, and composer/sound designer Matthew Collington. We'd love you to come and experience it. (Please note there is no seating and it lasts approximately 45 minutes.)