Live @ AMATA Pass

Falmouth’s Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA) aims to unlock the full, creative potential of all students studying at Falmouth University. To complement our portfolio of undergraduate degrees, we programme contemporary, cutting-edge, up-and-coming & high-quality performances for students to experience on their doorstep, whilst they are studying here. The programme includes dance, theatre, music and comedy, and is presented in AMATA, which is Falmouth University’s Performing Arts Venue. Experiencing high quality and live work at a professional venue is essential for our students’ educational experience, both complementing their studies, and inspiring them to the world of possibility in the creative industries after graduating.  For AMATA students in particular, access to live work is an essential part of their degree and the incoming programme will feature artistes and performances that relate directly to the AMATA courses of study.
We offer students the option to purchase a one year Live @ AMATA Pass which offers 5 tickets for performances in the 2022/2023 programme of professional work and costs £25.  
You will be able to view the AMATA Programme via the Whats On page from July 2022.

Click Here to purchase a Live @ AMATA Pass Online
For further information please contact the AMATA Box Office by email  

Please note: If a parent or guardian is purchasing on behalf of a Falmouth University student, please set the box office account up in the student’s name and use their email address.