Speak Up! Act Out! Rebel Boob

Saturday, 22 October, 2022 - 19:30

Speak Up! Act Out! Rebel Boob
Tickets: £12/£10 concessions
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Rebel Boob is about Life, when it goes tits up!

Using interviews of women with a primary diagnosis as a starting point, this is a post verbatim multimedia performance which uses prose, choreography and film, to explore themes of identity, priorities, resilience, body image, grief and relationships.

It is a raw, funny, honest and beautiful insight into what can happen when your life as you know it, stops.

And then starts again.

About the Company
Speak Up! Act Out! are a Brighton based theatre company committed to creating emotive and honest theatre, and shared experiences. In 2018 the company was established as a community interest company (cic) dedicated to making theatre accessible for all, through public performances, workshops, and training sessions.

Our productions are immersive events which raise awareness, create questions and encourage conversations concerning the issues affecting our community and the world we live in. Through our work, we invite positive social change which begins when we use theatre as a platform for debate and learning.