Lea Anderson: Shuffle

Saturday, 8 October, 2022 - 19:30

Lea Anderson: Shuffle
Tickets: £12/£10 concessions
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Casting you, the audience, as voting club-goers, Shuffle invites you to join our dance floor democracy. This interactive show combines world-class street dance with a dance floor soundtrack, created under the legendary eye of Director Lea Anderson.

Part performance, part game, every lover of club culture wins. Designed for people who want to participate, but who don’t necessarily want to dance themselves, Shuffle offers simple interaction. Built around the call and response that takes place between club dance floors and their DJs, audiences are invited to vote for a ‘Rewind’ or a ‘Shuffle’.

In a time that’s left us craving connection, Shuffle is a show all about the irrepressible urge to gather together and share fleeting moments.