Sian Clarke: The Sian Clarke Experience Online Live Stream Performance | Edinburgh Fringe Digital Showcase

Friday, 13 August, 2021 - 19:00

Sian Clarke: The Sian Clarke Experience Online Live Stream Performance
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This is Sian Clarke's ode to every man who has belittled her, made her feel unsafe, objectified her, told her she can't be funny, called her a slut, told her to smile more.

A comedic piece using a dark, twisted mixture of aggression, laughter and discomfort to examine the constraints of a woman biting back in a society eager to silence and vilify those no longer willing to accept its bullsh*t.
Either that
Or a show about a woman who just needs to learn to take a joke

‘Funny and Terrifying… anus- tightening mind- f*ck.’ - Jordan Gray
There will be screaming, there will be barking, there will be blood…

Ages 16+. This performance contains strong language, sexual and violent references. This performance also contains references to sexual assault.

Sian Clarke makes socially challenging, feminist, divisive performance. She has worked as a performer, writer and dramaturg across live art, devised theatre and comedy. Mentored by theatre maker Ursula Martinez, Sian is a Goldsmith Innovation Award Winner, Funny Women Regional Finalist, and a member of The Soho Theatre Young Company. The Sian Clarke Experience is her debut show, produced by Objectively Funny

‘Captivating throughout, breaking boundaries’ - The Norwich Chronicle
‘Sian Clarke doesn’t feel obliged to be ‘likeable’ yet you will end up liking her - a lot.’ - Lynn Parker, Funny Women
‘A dark, brooding energy which is unapologetically hard-line’ Bunbury Magazine