Sound of the Sirens: Damage Control Tour 'Stirpped Acoustic'

Friday, 4 November, 2022 - 19:30

Sound of the Sirens: Damage Control Tour 'Stripped Acoustic'
Tickets: £14
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Sound of the Sirens are a singer-songwriting duo based in Exeter, Devon comprising of Abbe Martin & Hannah Wood. Honing their craft over the past decade, Martin & Wood have cemented themselves as firm favourites not only on the Westcountry scene, but nationally, and internationally too.

Sound of the Sirens solidified their status as one of the UK’s finest folk acts with their new album, ‘Damage Control,’ released in April 2022. The pairs’ musical and vocal dexterity dovetail beautifully on the co-written songs, which range from beautiful, emotive ballads, to up-beat, foot stomping, hands in the air, sing-along anthems.

"Their Harmonies are absolutely stunning and their vocal styles complement each other beautifully, as well as being excellent musicians who really know how to bring their songs to life.’’ Entertainment Focus